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Aaron Jerad - Permaculture Design

Aaron Jerad For me the most satisfying design work comes from blending functionality and usefulness with creativity. Permaculture design puts these two together. As an art-form the canvas and media which permaculture uses are living environments, plants animals, peoples lives, our homes, and communities. As a practical science it looks not only to the cutting edge advances in modern technology but to tried and true methods passed down for generations or practiced by indigenous people.

Permaculture seeks the most efficient, beneficial, high yielding, low cost ways to do something, but never at the cost of peoples' well-being, nor that of the environment or ecosystems.

My job as a consultant is to listen, to ask relevant questions, to draw out of people what they truly want and help them arrive at a design that really works.

Here's a few sample images from a design I did for some friends in Estonia.


Example design. Example design. Example design. Example design. Example design. Example design. Example design.    

Living Rhythm Farm 

View of Mountains


Lettuce guild